Wellness & Aesthetics Center

Founded with a strong passion for healthcare, Essensa Wellness & Aesthetics Center was established by the founders of Medicotek Inc. Being in the healthcare industry for more than thirty years, there is always a desire to provide a facility with the best medical products, treatments, and services available.

We are derived from the word “ESSENCE,” meaning the most significant quality of a thing or person. We always believe that someone or something is beautiful when provided an exceptional experience of satisfaction.

Our goal is make every patient feel truly beautiful inside and out. We are committed to provide individualized and gentle care using clinically proven products and machinery. Our focus is to aid in achieving your personal goal of wellness and aesthetic care. The products and medical devices that we use are mainly US FDA approved with a high standard of efficacy and safety.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for…

Our Mission

To become part of every person’s destiny to look beautiful, find happiness, be confident, and feel desirable.

People often say, I don’t want a Perfect life, I want a Happy life …
Join us in our quest to be HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL together…


Our focus on patient care is driven by the principle of “doing the right thing, the first time and all the time.”

Guided by the basic yet essential principle of medical care, we assure you that our medical team will strictly adhere and comply in performing every treatment and procedure in accordance to your unique desire and needs.

The smallest step in the right direction turns out to be the biggest step of your LIFE.

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